Week 3 Aesthetics of Interaction

Weekly Lecture – Metaphors and Fun

  • Interaction flow = conversation between system and user
  • action – reaction/ input – output/ feedback – attention – status
  • Behaviour (Action & reaction) vs. Technology (Input & output)
  • Physical manipulation (how it is used) ➝ Spatial context (body action in context) ➝ Embedded/embodied (Behaviour) ➝ Metaphorical (Making sense)
  • Metaphors (Figure of speech/ figurative expression/ allegory/ word picture/ symbolic representation)
An example of a metaphorical computer symbol.
p-a-c + technology + interaction

Interaction can be made fun with unexpected feedback (feedback – attention – status)

Weekly Readings Analysis

Arduino Tutorial Tasks (Experimental)

Task 1 – Switch Case

Task 2 – Analogue Input and Serial Plotter

Task 2 had us setting up a single cable that was only connected at one end in a analogue input (A0). By touching this cable with a finger, we were using ourselves as ethe conductor and we were able to see that cable work as a potentiometer. The data was displayed using the serial plotter.

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