Week 4 | Digital Healthcare

Lecture Notes Week 4

Local Scale:

  • QLD has 2nd highest number of start-ups in Australia with many focusing in the medical fields.

Global Scale:

  • Overall digitalisation of life health-based sciences -> apps, digital workflows

Bill Moggridge’s Principles of interaction Design for GUI’s

  • 1D: Words communicate information easily
  • 2D: Visual representations to be used in moderation
  • 3D: Physical objects or space refers to the physical hardware
  • 4D: Time is the length that the user interacts with the first 3 dimensions
  • 5D: Behaviour – emotions and reactions when user interacts with the system

People’s engagement with their health or wellness…

  • Being aware
  • Ongoing activity
  • Positive experience
  • Goal focused
  • Use of tech to enhance their relationship with own wellbeing


  • Sports performance: be fit 100% of the time
  • Every training session counts
  • Lost of potential athletes: up to 60-70% of athletes due to injury
  • Lost 20% of training time to injury or illness

Role of Technology

  • Proactive approach to health: prevent injury
  • Early detection: health status
  • Identify warning signs

Digital Healthcare

  • In early 1990s: “patient monitoring” DIY testing Diabetes at point-of-care testing
  • Bill Gates predicted the merging of IT, user friendly devices, science and medicine
  • Mobilisation + customization of digitized platforms
  • Focus on users who are fully interconnected digitally – to view and exchange data
  • Increasing ability to determine for ourselves whether we are sick or healthy
  • A physician always involved to decide treatment -> robots in future?
  • Technology to diagnose in a technologically integrated system.

Current healthcare devices for patients can do:

  • Diagnosis
  • Monitoring
  • Treatment/management: tele health, telecare

Current solutions

  • GUI based
  • Mobile app dependant
  • ‘Quantified self’ / self-care

Technology Task Design Description by Connor Quinn on Scribd

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