Final Product Video | Filming | Editing

Attached below is the final video for our product submission. Overall, the filming was a team effort, with Asa filming, and Dan and I acting. Each member had a directive role to some extent in different sections, and overall, we ended up with a video that we are proud of.

Setting up the model for filming.
The model setup, turned on and ready to use.
Dan running through his ideas for the video.
The mat model setup and ready for filming.

I edited the video using Premier Pro, a program that I have only used to perform basic tasks such as stitching videos together and exporting them and I found this to be the perfect opportunity to expand my knowledge and experience with the program. Unfortunately I do not have a screenshot of the program with the editing sequence open as the file became corrupted before I could get one. Luckily the video had been created and uploaded before that!

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