Week 10 | Design Freeze

Design fiction is the deliberate use of diegetic prototypes to suspend disbelief about change.

  • Style of fiction storytelling that presents an interior view of a world, characters and experiences.
  • An approach to design that speculates about new ideas through prototyping and storytelling.
  • Tells worlds rather than stories.
  • They’re mostly vignettes of people interacting with objects and services.

Design narratives are used to create a series of use-stories for your product illustrating every step in the user’s journey through it.

Types of design narrative, from stories to scenarios

  • Stories (Atypical events EVOCATIVE)
  • Scenarios (Prototypical situation PRESCRIPTIVE)

Stories: How to?

  • Fleshed out characters
  • Detailed setting (context)
  • Goals and obstacles (facts)
  • Dramatic elements (a plot)
  • Resolution

This week we had the design freeze and presented our new refined concepts to Allan.

Design Freeze by Connor Quinn on Scribd

He seemed happy with the concepts and gave us insight into what direction we should go down. We also recieved this feedback from our lecturer.

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