Week 7 | Initial Concepts

Design Narratives

  • Stories
  • Scenarios
  • Storyboarding

Design narratives can be used as tools to understand, convey and represent experiences and journeys.

Narratives as a communication tool

A collaborative activity involving designers, users, managers

  • Narratives as communication tool
  • Narratives are memorable
  • Narratives have an informality that suits uncertainty in a design process

Narratives as a design tool

  • Help users to describe experiences from their own perspective
  • Help designers to describe a potential experience to the users
  • Provides a walk-thru opportunity to identify the use-problems
  • Helps to identify design goals based on intended experiences

Narratives as information tools

  • Tell about people, what they do, and how they do it
  • Reveal what people like about their work, what they hate about it, what works well, what sorts of things are real problems

Stories – HOW TO?

  1. Fleshed out characters (Persona)
  2. Detailed setting (Context)
  3. Goals and obstacles (Facts)
  4. Dramatic elements (Plot)
  5. Resolution (Design solution)

Describe a use situation and the interaction between users and proposed systems. A scenario tells a story of a Persona successfully achieving a goal while using a device/system.

Scenarios are usually developed by the design team and presented to users for feedback. They make it clear in which sequence the tasks are to be performed, what information is necessary for the users to achieve their goals.

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