Week 6 | People Engagement Maps and IOT Ecosystems

Does one size fit all? | Do all athletes have the same needs?

Healthcare Solutions

  • Self-diagnosis and monitoring, self treatment
  • Quantified self-care

Sports Tech

  • GUI based
  • Mobile app dependant
  • Data driven

An example of how we may percieve our own needs

Some may have a fondness for tech products and therefore aim to use it to aid things such as sports. However some may not and prefer to not use tech items.

Different people have different needs

  • Therefore have different uses for health technology

People can be grouped into 3 categories:

  • Tech Reliant: “No tech, no health”
  • Cannot manage self-health without tech and program
  • Technology is their motivator
  • Motivated by rewarding programs
  • Usually has a specific goal
  • Loyal to the program

Tech Aware

  • Can self-health manage on own
  • Technology helps achieve their goals
  • Previously active before tech

Health Conscious

  • Self-health manage on their own
  • Easily get bored with online programs
  • Unlikely to stay engaged with an online program.

Product Ecosystem: A group of objects related in some way

  • Object-to-object
  • Object-to-person
  • Object-to-service
  • Object-to-cloud

Initial Concepts ModBox Planning by Connor Quinn on Scribd

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